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Cosmetic dentistry in Edinburgh has  grown rapidly in recent years. This is little wonder given a survey found that nearly a third of us are concerned about the appearance of our teeth. Research repeatedly shows that a warm and friendly smile makes you seem more approachable.  If you are looking for a cosmetic dentist in Edinburgh or further afield in Scotland  then our team would love to meet you.

 Programmes like “10 Years Younger” have showcased the  improvements that are possible through Cosmetic Dentistry. Yet many of us have held back from having this type of  dental treatment for fear that it may cause damage to teeth that have been otherwise problem free. Our team share these concerns and have spent many years developing a portfolio of minimally invasive and tooth kind Cosmetic Dental Treatments from our practice in Scotland.

Cosmetic Dentistry is not a true specialism in dentistry as set out by the General Dental Council. When you come to Craigentinny you will be allocated a dentist who has a particular interest in Cosmetic Dentistry from our Edinburgh team to look after you from start to finish. Our team carry our many many hours of continuing education each year to make sure they are well versed in the most up to date thinking in cosmetic dentistry. Rest assured  protecting your dental health will be our highest priority. Your dentist will discuss what you hope to achieve with cosmetic dentistry,  examine you thoroughly and  then offer a range of tooth friendly cosmetic dental options to meet your goals.

Our approach has helped many of our patients enjoy a smile makeover  without the need for injections or drilling away substantial quantities of otherwise healthy teeth.

Which ever dentist you chose to go to (and we hope it's us), you will benefit by downloading your FREE Cosmetic Dentistry Report today. In your report you will find out:

The 9 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Asking a Dentist For a New Smile.

These mistakes include things like ignoring the most obvious solutions, in your guide you'll find out what these are. You may think that all veneers are the same, they really aren't  your guide can help you  decide which is right for you. Find out about this and 7 more of the most common mistakes people make.

PLUS  you will also get our

Top 10 Tips For a Fantastic Smile Makeover

These tips will ensure that wherever you go you will get the best result for a fantastic new smile whilst keeping your teeth as  healthy as possible.

Make sure you don't have a bad experience with your new smile, you only have one set of teeth, so ensuring you have all the information is vital for a long lasting healthy smile


I don't want to make mistakes with my new smile, so please Send My Free Cosmetic Dentistry Report Now






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What our patients say


We offer a full range of cosmetic dentistry services however the most popular treatments are our  Inman Aligner, 6 Month Smiles  and   smile makeover treatments.

Inman Aligner 

before cosmetic dentist in edinburgh

after cosmetic dentistry edinburgh


After Inman Aligner + Whitening

As one of the first dental practices to offer Inman Aligner treatment in Edinburgh our team are now very experienced in this technique. Inman Aligner  results like the one above are possible in 6-18 weeks. No drilling or injections are required. more.....

Many people think this is not the same patient, what do you think?



Smile Makeover

cosmetic smile makover before

cosmetic smile makeover after

Before After

Our WhiterSmiles range of cosmetic packages provide fixed fee  solutions to your cosmetic dental concerns. From simple whitening to a bespoke smile makeover  we can help.  Why not visit our dedicated WhiterSmiles site.


Other Cosmetic Dentistry Available


White Fillings  

Tooth coloured and life like, the metal free alternative.

Tooth Whitening  

Make your smile whiter brighter and more youthful.

Porcelain Veneers  

The original solution to squint teeth and in some cases still the best .


Strengthen broken teeth 

Resin Bonding  

To improve the appearance or alignment of your teeth.

Inman Aligner   Fast, cost effective tooth straightening for Adults 
Dental Implants   Now considered the gold standard in replacing teeth 

Unsure how you might look after cosmetic dental treatment

Why not ask our team to show you the possibilities. We can now enhance a photograph of your smile to show you how your appearance will change after treatment.


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Cosmetic dentist  Edinburgh


When providing   Cosmetic dentistry  to our patients, we believe we offer something really different. Our dentists know that you can create beautiful smiles using modern tooth friendly techniques such as resin bonding or the Inman Aligner, without many of the downsides of  older treatments  such as veneers or crowns. Many of our patients have written  testimonials and thank you notes to our  Edinburgh based dentists describing how their  treatment  promoted their  confidence  and self esteem. If you are looking for  whiter teeth, straighter teeth, shorter teeth, longer teeth or a indeed  full smile makeover then would love to meet you. The  range of services Services  by our dentists in Edinburgh include  resin bonding an alternative to dental veneers. These can be used  to straighten teeth, repair chipped, broken or heavily discoloured teeth. Our dentists can also provide  dental implants which are an ideal solution to replace missing teeth and are used to support crowns, bridges or secure dentures in place. As members of the Association of Dental Implantology  our Edinburgh dentists  are continually developing their skills and auditing their results to make sure that the care that we offer is in  line with the most up to date thinking and best practice.  Our stated goal in every situation is to achieve a result  where  your final resin bond, veneer, crown, bridge or implant looks as close to the real thing as possible.










 Dentists In Edinburgh that can help you to achieve your   dental health goals. Our Cosmetic Dentists have trained extensively and are able to provide a comprehensive range of Cosmetic Dental Treatmentsthat can whiten and straighten your smile as well as general dental care and Family Dental Care.

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