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Porcelain Inlays and Onlays are used to restore back teeth that require large fillings. If the broken or decayed part of a tooth is too large then a white filling is not always possible. In this situation we use porcelain inlays. Inlays are stronger than white fillings but still allow excellent aesthetics. They are bonded on to the  the remaining tooth structure.

The middle tooth has a porcelain inlay present

The middle tooth  has a porcelain inlay.

The above photographs allow you to compare the appearance of porcelain inlays to metal fillings (silver and dark gray above).


Each inlay  is hand made in a laboratory  to either match and fit your existing teeth.  There are several types of inlay available, each type being suitable for different situations. The team will be pleased to discuss your options should you need a inlay.

Custom Made 



A well made inlay which closely matches your existing tooth  can give you the confidence to laugh and smile without worrying that anyone will realise that it is there.  We want your  dentistry to look great, feel great and stay healthy for many years..



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