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Teeth Whitening In Edinburgh

  Enjoy the confidence that comes from a Whiter Brighter Smile. At Craigentinny Dental Care we have been providing comprehensive cosmetic dentistry in Edinburgh, Scotland  care for 20 years. With our depth of experience you know that you will  be well looked after but more importantly that you are in safe hands.

When it comes to tooth whitening, there are hundreds of different tooth systems available, it is a real minefield  to work out which is best. Our team of Edinburgh based Dentists have  experience of most of  the main  systems and as a result  bring you only the safest, most reliable and effective tooth whitening available. Our patients come from Portobello, Musselburgh and other local Edinburgh areas.

We believe that tooth whitening has moved beyond Lasers and Lights for many patients and as a result we offer  a range of systems.  Our team will be happy to discuss which option is best for you. Or you could get our free guide below.

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Find out which type of tooth whitening is right for you and how to make the results last a lifetime.

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Here are just a few examples of the results that can be achieved with our whitening systems. Patients who Whiten with us also have the opportunity to keep their new smile White For Life Free!

Teeth Whitening Edinburgh Before Teeth Whitening Edinburgh After
Before Teeth Whitening After Teeth Whitening
Edinburgh Teeth Whitening Before Edinburgh Teeth Whitening  After
Before Teeth Whitening

After Teeth Whitening


 We only show photographs of real treatment carried by us, for our patients on our web site.

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Tooth Whitening Edinburgh Before Tooth Whitening Edinburgh After
Before Tooth Whitening After Tooth Whitening
Edinburgh teeth Whitening Before Edinburgh Tooth Whitening Before After
Before Tooth Whitening After Tooth Whitening
Teeth Bleaching Edinburgh Before Teeth Bleaching Edinburgh Before
Before Tooth Whitening After Whitening and Sculpting
Edinburgh Teeth Bleaching After
Before tooth Whitening After Whitening and Inman Aligner


Types of Teeth Whitening

Natural White Tooth Whitening

This treatment will improve the shade of your teeth to their natural lightest shade. You will notice a brighter and whiter smile without making the change really stand out. if you  simply want to turn the clock back  and make your teeth a similar colour to the way they were 10 years ago this is the perfect treatment for you. Results are usually visible after one or two nights and last for up to 7 years.

Deep Bleaching

This is for the whitest results, we guarantee that you will reach the lightest shade on our shade guide or you will receive a full refund of treatment fees. This treatment really will make teeth sparkle and shine as light as they can possibly be. Treatment involves 2 sessions in the practice and some at home tooth whitening.

Maintain your new whiter smile Free for Life

Natural Whitening or Deep Bleaching results last on average 7 years, over which time colour will fade back to its original level. However by simply "topping up" your whitening if it is needed once per year you can maintain a beautiful white smile.

Why Not Keep Your Smile White For Life?

Now if you Join Craigentinny Dental Care and whiten your teeth wither with our Natural White system or our Deep Bleaching System and we will help you to maintain your new whiter smile for life with free top ups for as long as you remain a patient. Terms and conditions apply.

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Teeth Whitening


Teeth Whitening, Dental bleaching, and  tooth whitening are essentially the same thing. The aim is to give you a more  confident brighter whiter smile both safely and quickly.  We offer a range of the most  up to date systems for  teeth whitening in Edinburgh. You can choose between our natural at home products or our Hollywood white deep bleaching system. Deep Bleaching has been shown to create results to rival and often better  many systems such as  Zoom2  or Britesmile.  Now if you are looking for  tooth whitening in Edinburgh, you can choose exactly how white you want to go. In just 1 hour our deep whitening system can boost your smile dramatically and  create a result where you will see a significant improvement in the colour of your smile. We offer a guaranteed B1 shade promise with our deep whitening products.  Our patients usually relax throughout treatment  with a paper or  magazine and music of their choice. We want all of our treatments to be stress free and comfortable  which means that you are much more likely to enjoy the experience. For this reason we  choose the products that we offer to our patients very carefully and avoid many of more aggressive laser type whitening treatments.  We also offer a second option of at home tooth whitening. Our professional at home tooth whitening system uses custom made whitening trays that you can use at home watching tv or while you  sleep. Results take around 14 to 21 days   to reach their peak.  While the results are more gradual with this approach they are long lasting with an average time to fade back being around 7 years. Alternatively you can choose to join our practice and enjoy a free annual top up of your whitening for life ( subject to terms and conditions)


 Dentists In Edinburgh that can help you to achieve your   dental health goals. Our Cosmetic Dentists have trained extensively and are able to provide a comprehensive range of Cosmetic Dental Treatmentsthat can whiten and straighten your smile as well as general dental care and Family Dental Care.

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